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SMinnTech was started by me in the beginning of 2006 soon after I bought my Pioneer AVIC-Z1. After seeing how it functioned in it's stock form, I searched the internet and found a great forum (Avic411.com). What a great forum and great bunch of people. There they shared the "secret" how to open up the Z1 to get it to work like it should have from the factory. Yes, the secret was to flash your lights when you started the car. In the beginning no one really knew exactly what it took, but with the help of other forum members, we nailed it down. So we all started manually flashing our lights every time we started our cars and trucks. I thought "There must be a better way" and I designed the Z1-FC. My login name on Avic411.com was "ducatiboy" and this circuit was originally known as the "ducatiboy flasher" and was sold by "word of mouth" with posts on that forum. More and more people saw the benefit of my circuit and the rest is history.

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Steven Minnick
President and CEO of SMinnTech, Inc.

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