SMinnTech, Inc. Flasher Circuit for Pioneer AVIC-Z1
Best Pioneer Avic - Z1 Bypass Circuit

SMinnTech Z1-FC
(Z1 Flasher Circuit)

Installation Instructions
AVIC-Z1 Flasher Circuit

Are you frustrated with the motion lockouts on the Pioneer AVIC-Z1?

Do I even need this unit?
Please check this page to know for sure.

If your unit is made in June 06 and before, you will need one of these.
If your unit is made in July 06 you will most likely only need to ground the 2 wires as shown here.
Some July 06 units need a flasher circuit but most need need the 07/06 Bypass on this page.
If your unit is made in August 06 and later, then you just need the 07/06 Bypass on this page.

If you have a June 06 unit or one of the few July 06 units that respond
to manually flashing your lights, then this circuit will make ALL the
functions of the Z1 available all the time.

AUTOMATIC bypass for the "older" AVIC-Z1's.

Q: How big is this circuit?
It measures approximately 3/4 inch by 3/8 inch by 2 inches (not including the wires).

Q: Does this work for other units?
No, this only works for the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 (made in June 06 and before, possibly some made in July 06 but not many of those).

Q: Will this void my warranty?
No it will not.

Q: Why should I buy this from you?
There might be other bypass circuits on the market, but this circuit is the best.

   1. It has the fewest wires to install.

   2. It is the smallest (by at least 15 times).

   3. It doesn't use relays or other mechanical devices which make noise and can wear out.

   4. The employees of SMinnTech all work in the medical electronics industry. We all use our advanced knowledge and experience working with the most state of the art medical devices (implantable and external devices) to make the absolute best automotive circuits on the market. Is this necessary for this kind of "automotive application"? No, the requirements for the consumer and automotive industry are not nearly as strict as we are all used to but we think in the end our experience and training will give you the best and most reliable products possible.

Q: How do I install it?
The link is posted at the top of this page, here it is again: INSTRUCTIONS

Q: I have more questions, where can I go for more answers.
Try the Frequently Asked Questions page here.

This product was designed for OFF ROAD use only.
Any use of this on public roads could be dangerous and/or illegal.
DO NOT install this if you plan on using your vehicle on public roads.