SMinnTech, Inc. Flasher Circuit for Pioneer AVIC-Z1
Best Pioneer Avic - Z1 Bypass Circuit

SMinnTech Z1-FC
(Z1 Flasher Circuit)

AVIC-Z1 Flasher Circuit
$34.99/each + shipping

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Here is some more Q&A.
This can get a bit technical.
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Q: What does this circuit do?
It tells your AVIC-Z1 that you flashed your headlights every time you start your car.

Q: Why does it do that?
Because Pioneer designed the AVIC-Z1 to allow you access to the entire system all the time, no matter if you are moving or not if you flash your lights every time you start the car.

Q: Is that really all I have to do, flash my lights?
Turn on your vehicle, wait till the AVIC-Z1 has the "Starting Pioneer Navigation" text screen. Turn your lights on and off once. That's all there is do it. If turning on your headlights while on a navigation screen will put the unit into "night mode" then flashing your lights when the Z1 boots up will work (you might need to work on your timing to get this to work).

Q: So I don't really need your circuit then?
Well if you want to manually flash your lights every time you start your car, then no, you don't need this circuit. Feel free to flash your lights every time you start your car and you won't need my circuit. If you want something that does that automatically for you, then yes you do.

Q: You said it flashes your lights automatically. I don't want my car's lights to flash.
It doesn't do anything to your car. It just tells the AVIC-Z1 that you did.

Q: My car has HID's or Automatic headlights, will this work for my car?
Yes, it doesn't matter what kind of lights your car has.

Q: I drive a 2004 XYZ (or whatever) will this work with my car?
Wow, you have a 2004 XYZ? I love those! What kind of mileage do you get? But seriously… If all you want is to bypass the lockouts, it interfaces to the back of the AVIC-Z1 and it doesn't matter what vehicle it is in. The other feature of this circuit is to interface to your vehicle's wiring to dim the screen and put the nav into "night mode" when the lights come on. If you have the Z1 installed correctly without my circuit, and when you turn on the head lights the screen dims and the nav goes into "night mode", then my circuit will work for your vehicle.

Q: I don't have the Z1 installed yet or turning on my lights does not dim the screen or put the nav into "night mode", will your circuit work for my vehicle?
If the Z1 is already installed, that gets a little tougher. The real question I would ask is "Why isn't turning on the head lights dimming the screen?" There is a wire labeled "ILL" (for illumination) on the back of the Z1 which is supposed to connect to your vehicle's illumination wire. If you paid someone to install the Z1 for you, I would take it back to them and make sure they get it working. If you installed it, was there no "illumination" wire on the vehicle's wiring harness?

Some cars don't have an "Illumination" wire on the radio harness, sometimes after market harnesses won't bring out the "illumination" wire, sometimes people have needed to find a wire (sometimes in the headlight switch or behind the fuse block) which goes to 12V when you turn the lights on. If you can find a wire like that it will work. I even programmed the Z1-FC to work off some vehicle's "Dimmer" wire (sometimes labeled "Positive Dimmer"). In every car there is a wire which will work for my circuit. Sometimes it's real easy to find and it's right on the radio wiring harness. Sometimes it's a little more difficult to find. For instance on a 2006 Corvette it is in the traction control button (3 wires in the button. One switches from 0v and sends variable positive voltage with the lights. Voltage varies with the level of the dash lighting. It's in the range of 5-10v). I don't know where this wire is in all vehicles, for help finding your ILL wire for your particular vehicle please consult either:

or some other car electronics resource. Worse case, the AVIC-Z1 lockouts are bypassed, but when you turn on your head lights, the radio won't dim. You can connect my white wire to a toggle switch and flip the switch manually if you want to. I will include some "alternate" wiring solutions soon.

Q: Really? Everything works all the time?
YES! If it's available while the vehicle is stopped, it's available while in motion.

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This product was designed for OFF ROAD use only.
Any use of this on public roads could be dangerous and/or illegal.
DO NOT install this if you plan on using your vehicle on public roads.